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Here are some photos of our 3-in-1 excursions in Batticaloa, to discover our gorgeous Nature, grasp a bit of our local Culture, and meet our truly hospitable People! They are classified under different titles which are the names of our different excursions.

Each photo is the thumbnail for a different album, just click on it to enjoy the album…!


In “Palamunai Colours”, you will explore the southern part of Batticaloa, riding along the beach, visiting the fish market and, depending on the season, local organic gardens. You will meet handloom weavers, making colourful sarees and sarongs, sharing with you their ancient knowledge of this traditional craft. You will discreetly observe the midday prayer at the local mosque and interact with the believers. Your lunch will be prepared by a local family, and will reflect the typical food of the community. After a tasty meal and a relaxing chat with your host family, you will go through Kattankudy, a bustling Muslim town famous for its history and numerous businesses, visit its Heritage Museum, and might still have a bit of time to discover what a Madrasah is…


In “Towards Mylambaveli”, the slow pace of travelling by bicycle will enable you to interact with people at work, by meeting handicraft makers and farmers. After a quiet walk in the bird sanctuary, you will participate in an offering ceremony at the Hindu temple, while your lunch is prepared by a local family. After a healthy village lunch and a funny chat with your host family, you will visit the nearby farm. On weekdays, you will meet craftswomen, who will show you how to make beautiful baskets and boxes out of palmyrah leaves. You will then ride back to Batticaloa along a stunning deserted beach and observe birds and wildlife as you peacefully move along our gorgeous lagoon.


In our tour “Let’s cook and Fish!”, you will learn good recipes of delicious curries to bring back home and get in touch with local fishermen willing to share their ancestral way of fishing with you… In more detail, after a visit to the market, you will reach the family that will teach you Sri Lankan cooking, take your lunch with them, and after a relaxing chat, have a ride along our enchanting lagoon before meeting the fishermen on the lagoon for a refreshing fishing class… You can keep your catch for dinner if you like… Isn’t life beautiful???


Now, let’s explore History and Religions… Our tour “Historic Batticaloa” brings you to old buildings in Batticaloa, Kattankudy, Navalady, throughout 450 years of history and the vestiges of 3 colonial powers. We will guide you into the cultural and religious diversity of our local communities, by visiting worshipping places of 4 different faiths (Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Buddhism). We’ll break for lunch in a local family, where you’ll get a flavour of traditional Batticaloa food, and interact with your host family. After lunch, you’ll get a glimpse of the scars of the recent war and tsunami as well as visit the Heritage Museum of Kattankudy… if time permits!



“A day in Kudumbimalai” will start by leaving the main road for the previously war affected inland rural area. After visiting the military museum, you will climb the 1.750 ft-high Kudumbimalai mighty rock and enjoy a breathtaking view of the peaceful surroundings. For lunch, you’ll be invited to share the usual village food of a local family, and will surely have a small walk around to see the villagers’ activities and hidden pond. Wildlife might surprise you on the way, with its lazy buffaloes, grazing cattle and wild birds. You might even observe a few crocodiles, if they are ready for a photo shoot…


In the excursion “Boating in Unnichai”, you will leave the coastal area to reach rural villages. As you proceed inland, depending on the season, you will be able to observe the farmers and cultivation areas, paddy fields or vegetable gardens. You’ll make a stop at a local Hindu temple and feel its peacefulness. When reaching Unnichai, you’ll be free to bathe, walk, chill out around its immense water tank or observe the buffaloes and birds around. After a village lunch in a family, local boatmen will take you on board in their traditional fishing boats for a ride on the tank. Enjoy the beautiful simplicity of village life…


Above are our ready-made excursions. But we also do some tailor made excursions, based on the requirements of our guests. Here are photos of a few of them…


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